1. You can collect a coin of a certain denomination daily by answering a simple question.
  2. You can collect only one coin per day.
  3. Coins can be of different denominations and will depend on factors such as the difficulty level of the questions asked, your participation rate, any special contest day, etc.
  4. The sum value of the total coins collected by you will reflect in your account at the end of the month, mostly by the 1st or 2nd of every month, and will be credited to your payment number, email or account by the 7th of the month, if you so choose to redeem. If you do not wish to redeem on any given month, the coins collected will be automatically carried forward to the next month and can be redeemed at the end of the next month and so on. No redemption in between, only at the end of a month.
  5. Questions asked are usually very simple such as: Which article did you read today on Which is the last article published on How many total blog pages are there on the site of
  6. You need to open your account with Bridging Points Media to participate and to collect your coins.
  7. To open your account - click here. Once you open an account you can participate everyday or on any given day and collect your coin for that day.
  8. To participate - click here.
  9. Currently this is only open to the visitors from India audience and will soon be open to US, Canada, Australia and all other countries.